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Introduction post. (:

Well, hello all!

I guess I should post an introduction as the (so far) only other member of this community, as per ladyattercop's suggestion. ;) So, here goes.

My name's Emily (or Kai/Kailani if you prefer), and I reside in the mid-Palm Beach County area, in about Lake Worth area. I'd heard of steampunk by way of various anime conventions, but developed a specific interest pretty recently, perhaps half a year ago or so. As such, I don't have any real experience with it, but I am slowly trying to collect steamy or steam-able items, and/or craft my own, as my hope is to be able to have a steampunk costume done by the end of May this year. I also have two other close friends who are interested in steampunk, but neither of them have LiveJournals, so I suppose I'm representing all of us. ;) Hmm.. other than that, I'm 17 (soon to be 18), and a senior in highschool. I'd love for there to be some kind of all-ages steampunk meetup sometime, when there are enough people to constitute one. :3

So, other than that, I can't really think of much else. I hope many more members join this community, and I look forward to meeting many more steamy South Floridians!

<3 Emily/Kailani


Jan. 8th, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for the music suggestions. <3 I'd actually been meaning to check out some of the "steampunk style" bands, but I hadn't heard of many besides Clockwork Cabaret, The Vernian Process, Doctor Steel, and of course the ubiquitous Abney Park. ;) So thank you! I'll definitely go check out all of them. <3

And I've definitely heard of the Brass Goggles forum, but I haven't actually signed up yet. However, I will also make sure to do that in the near future. (:

It would be awesome to get some new members. If I see anyone from the area who is interested in steampunk, I'll definitely send this link their way. :3


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