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Upcoming SoFL Events

Well, I missed another SoFL Steampunk Social that past this Wednesday. It's been a busy and heady week with the Presidential Inauguration, some family stuff, and unseasonably cool weather that's made me want to don my duster and top hat and head outdoors in search of a hot cup of tea, and the rescheduled date snuck up on me (and passed me) before I knew it.

In an effort to keep those of us in the sweatiest part of the Sunshine State from missing more fun stuff, I'll be posting events, concerts and other crap as I stumble upon it. Feel free to post any other steam-tacular events you know about. If we keep posting, and attending, and generally involving ourselves with local events, before you know it, we might have an actual community down here! (le gasp!)

So what do I have for you today?

If traditional Irish ballads are your bag, down in Miami, mecha music 'fest Langerado will feature the original Celtic punk rockers The Pogues! Also on the bill are their brothers in ballads Flogging Molly. And in a study of post-iPod eclecticism, headlining are Death Cab for Cutie and Snoop Dog. (No, that's not a typo.)

If you're further north, and spent your formative years moping around your high school corridors listening to the Smiths on loop (and who didn't?) Moz himself, Morrissey, is going to be performing at Mizner Theater in Boca Feb 28. What better way to indulge those post-Valentine suicidal fantasies than with a little "Life Is a Pigsty" live?

I believe both these shows should be all ages, so you youngsters out there should be able to enjoy.

Oh, and as an added FYI, 3rd generation feminist rag BUST magazine apparently has a steampunk fashion spread in this month's issue. I haven't picked it up yet, but I'll let you know what I think of it when I see it.


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