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'Twas a Steam-Powered Christmas

Hello again invisible cohorts!

We managed to scrape together enough time, here at Chez Attercop to put together a tiny steampunk-themed tree this year. I didn't have a chance to adorn it with cardboard cutouts of gears, as was the initial plan, but it turned out adorable all the same. You can't really tell from the photos, but the clear glass lightbulbs as ornaments paired with huge colored glob lights are awesome.

If any of you lot are fans of The Clockwork Cabaret (clockwrkcabaret), you should be if you're not, then you've already seen this poem smattered about. If not, click on those links to educate yourself, and enjoy.

'Twas the Steam-Powered Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, at 11 half past,
And not a gear was turning through out the aircraft

The Davenports were nestled in their steam-powered beds,
While visions of Tesla coils danced in their heads

Klaude in a kerchief, and Emmett a squid hat,
Had just settled their brains for a long winter's nap.

When outside the zeppelin there arose such a clatter
The sisters leapt from their beds to investigate the matter.

Outside the Calpurnia, a sneaking black-clad horde,
Was making its way stealthily on board.

Like tightly wound coils into action they sprang,
For they knew in a moment the invaders were CLANNG.

Away to the laboratory, they flew like a flash.
Running like madmen towards Klaude's weapons cache.

Emmett grabbed a blunderbuss, as big as you please,
And Klaude grabbed a cannon that jettisoned bees.

Through the airship they rushed, weapons held high
"You boys sure picked the wrong ship to shanghai!"

As they opened the hatch screaming, ready for a fight,
They found themselves blinded by a bright flash of light.

And who before their dazzled eyes should appear?
But jolly ol' Phineas on a steam-powered reindeer!

Through the cool winter sky, the deer swooped and it dove,
Shooting down CLANGG with a laser-powered nose.

He blasted the invaders. He blasted their blimp,
And sent them all packing with black eyes and split lips.

"Out rogues! Out scoundrels! You know where to stick it!
No one messes with Phineas's meal-ticket!"

Under reindeer barrage, the raiders scuttled away.
No conquest or victory for villains this day.

And as CLANNG retreated, the Davenports cheered,
"Happy Holidays from us and our rogue financier!"




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